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Sunday, June 29, 2008

it's been ages since i last blogged.
somehow, the urge to blog hit me.
so here i am blogging.
pretty much nothing have changed.
still unable to make the digits on the scale smaller.
still unable to attain greater 'heights'.
oh well. told ya life havent change.
JC2 life have been exciting.
everything has increased by double or even triple.
responsibility. homework. exams. school hours.
extra lessons. nagging. threatening. lectures.
all except fun. and i aint kidding.
june hols is a blast!
PARIS. LONDON. i can officially say been there done that.
paris is alright. thanks to daddy.
i managed to enjoy the high end stuff of paris.
the super expensive french cuisines.
the endless hours in museums.
but the terrible train rides.
the communication breakdown.
eeks. i miss london more.
shopping is better.
but oh well.
i dont even know if they can see me.
currently i in the midst of THE MIDYEARS.
i must say. i didnt put in enough efforts.
i tried to make full use of the last 2 weeks of hols to keep up.
and i seriously got a taste of what it meant by time is running short.
5 more papers. econs. chem and phy's P1 and P2.
chemistry paper 3 seriously gave me a full shot of adrenaline rush.
with courtesy of madonna's new single. 4 mins.
she got 4 mins to save the world.
i got 4 mins to do a 20 marks qns to save my paper and my ass.
poor time management. always.
i tend to freak up in chemistry paper.
my brain is thinking of nucleophile and i can write down electrophile.
physics paper 3 is the best.
i have a hell lot of good time cracking my brain to think of good craps
to fill in the blanks.
no no no.
i mean good logical explanations to pen down those endless blanks.
maths was pretty alright.
i cant wait for MIDYEARS TO BE OVER.
then i will take a short break.
pick up myself. and push the limits to ALEVELS.
come on. 5 more months of suffering and trade in for 7 months of enjoyment.
let's chiong chiong chiong.
now i wonder who is going to read this. ((:

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Monday, December 31, 2007

29 december 2007
my birthday.
awesome to start off with.
the surprise.

supposed to meet grace and khairul at city hall at 1100.
grace messaged me at 1100.
postponed to 1130.
i was so glad because i was still at home at 1100.
so thank god there is a change in timing.
grace messaged me saying that khairul cannot make it and she's like 2 stops away from my place.
i was stunned. shocked. speechless. disappointed.
i felt that it was quite ridiculous. like how can grace be at my place so soon?
oh well. she called me again. i went out of my house.
lol. i found this.
they are hiding behind the corner terrace.
i spot them the moment i stepped out of my gate.
lol. i was laughing and smiling.
haha. so hilarious.
thn we cut my birthday cake. eat. talk.

they know my bad habit and made full use of it.
which is to be extremely late on every outing except school.
grace and khairul, our friendship is tight lars.
without doubt. i love you guys too!
grace blog entry for me makes me happy.
we did achieve alot this year together. og28 brought us together.
all the moments we shared together. i thank you guys. ((:
went out.

grace off to church and khairul tagged along with me to meet the girls.
so i was on time! met up with joelyn, rachel, peien.
we accompanied khairul while he shopped alil.
thn lunch at new york. khairul left later.
thn we went shopping.
shop shop shop.
my legs hurt like mad. left ard 7.
met up with daddy. his car battery went flat.

our car stalled infront of harbourfront centre taxi stand.
uncle came to the rescue.
off to housewarming.
homed after that.
30 december 2007.
more birthday wishes. ((:
tuition-ed. slept.
met up with grace and khairul later in the afternoon to mug.

khairul aims to untough our chemistry revision paper.
grace and i just wanna quickly finish our paper.
talk. do. talk. laugh. talk. do.
later went to watch i am legend with khairul.
grab some dinner.
i am legend is definitely a legend.
it is the best show.
listen quietly.god is talking to you if you listen.

seriously i find the show thrilling, adventurous.
it also come with alot of meaning.
you are never alone when you're stuck, lost, down.
all you need is to be quiet and listen carefully to what god has to say to you.
his plans. it's really really very meaningful.
besides that. you also get to drool at will smith's hot bod.((:
i love that show.
i wanna catch more of this sort of show.
more shopping tmr. and of course mugging.
mummy just spent more money today.
oh well. tmr will be my turn.
the final showdown. it's the sales, baybeh!

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

many thanks to those who wished me happy birthday.
it made my day.
thanks to girlfriends and their bfs for celebrating my birthday today.
the dinner was very filling.
the company was great.
the jokes be it clean, lame or dirty were hilarious.
the photo taking was seductively fun.
thank you michelle for your efficiency and patience.
thank you johannes for being our camera man.
special tribute to khairul and grace.
they are the best.
khairul says: for although she shoves throw-away culture to my face, refuses to teach me math, gives me heck care face and doesnt laugh at my jokes; and me forever being sarcastic to her, im really glad to have her around. she really needs to spur us on when she turns 17, instead of watching koreans and stuff. and play mahjong with me and create the baking club and TEACH ME MATH, sentimental being.
damn demanding.
grace and khairul wanted to throw me a surprise today (since it's after 12)
and grace have to come and ask me wht time i'm free tmr.
so they can surprise me. lol.
that's the first time people surprise me on my birthday.
touched. blessed. aged.
i bet those two fellows are smiling to themselves when they are reading this.
they have been with me through thick and thin this year.
without them. i dont think my jc life will be so happening.
although it bugs me at first when they keep empharisizing that they are andersonians who keep claiming they only show their true colours ( in a good way) when it's the right ocassion, somehow they really do.
they keep threatening me with the notebook.
throwing sarcastic comments at me.
the insane outings.
the nonstop bitching.
but it's those nonsense that make me smile.
thank you so much!
despite knowing each other for less than a year, it feels like we have gained alot together.(i not mean weight here.)
grace probably call this the non-superficial friendship.
as what i said earlier on.
at any point of time next year, when either one of us is too tired and down to carry on.
we must always be there for each other to spur each other on.
the timetable is already uploaded.
i feel the pressure and stress already.
moving closer and closer.
my worries and fears are here.
just like the hatred for cupcakes, i hate you, ALEVELS!
may all of us hold on tight to each other and endure that torturous 2008 together.
we must endure!!
happy birthday to chern ron, weihan and me! ((:

hope you guys will have a happening birthday!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

ytd's christmas celebration was good.
went over to nicole's place for pot luck.
i bought sushi platter.
gift exchange-d.mahjong-ed.
the luck rotates around the table.
johannes first, thn mich, nicole thn me.
lol. we took turns to win.
played idiot.
basic version to advanced level.
thanks mich for the awesome idea.
the adrenaline rush. the shouting of purple. the chin trick.
lol. so much fun. we played heartattack after that and nico's card game.
pretty crazy for a christmas eve afternoon.
went over to joelyn's place after that.
eat. watch tv. gift exchange-d. cam-whoring.
the best part was rachel's games.
the mulitple of 3 game got us thinking.
fast reaction is a must.
the shooting was funny and silly at the same time.
ate logcake and some left.
left joelyn, rachel, peien, miko and me.
we drink.drank.drunk.
joelyn can seriously drink.
i dont think i drank much but i got quite sleepy and a little giddy towards the end.
not drunk at all. never got drunk before anyway. ((:
played mahjong and chatted.
next event will be my 17th birthday.
awesome. ((:

4:10 PM

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

there are many reasons to love christmas.
1. you will receive lots of presents. (especially chocolates)
2. you get to listen to one of the best collection of songs - christmas carols.
3. you get to say merry christmas, ho ho ho to everyone. this time nobody will look at you at the face and think wth is wrong with you.
4. the weather. we dont get snow here in singapore. we get the rain. it kinda upset our daily routine alot when it rains but on the bright side, we will be kept cool and refreshing all day long. no more sweat. ((:
5. the year end sales. christmas sales.
6. the endlesss family and friends gathering. you finally get more opportunities to be with the ones you love.
so far, i've received alot of boxes of chocolates already. and i mean alot.
i must say ROYCE chocolates are the best! seriously. they serve the finest chocolate.
thank you daddy's colleague for the chocolates. yummy!
i dont want anymore chocolates already. no more.
mummy asked me just now.
mom: will you still be able to fit into your school skirt?
me: ya! i tried it on the other day.
mom: when? that time you like never eat so much chocolates eh.
you sure you can fit anot. you should try your school skirts later on.
me: -roll my eyes- thank you hor.
mummy made sense. now i'm worried.
i havent exercise since forever. uh oh.
thn, i have the sudden urge to find my blue albums.
i'm a loyal fan of lee ryan.
he's still very hot to me. although i dont know where he disappear to.
i wonder how he look like now.
anyways. i didnt manage to find the all rise album.
found the one love album. thank god the cd is still inside.
thn i wonder. where the boyband trend go to?
i used to go after A1, BLUE, WESTLIFE, BSB, Sclub 7, Atomic Kitten...
they were the classic examples.
now, the only boyband alive are probably those rock bands.
i like rockbands.
but i still like the cute boy next door who sing really nice pop songs.
why nobody like boyband now?
oh well..
ytd, i went online to print my chemistry holiday assignment.
damn. chemistry department is out there to kill us left right center.
36 pages. i'm screwed. i still thought it's just an exam paper.
hell no. it's chapter by chapter revision paper. screwed.
so far, i only finish 2 chemistry tutorials, half way through the maths paper.
half way through the integration tutorial. (it gives me the headache)
no more 10 hours sleep for me. need to finish everything before next week!!
to everyone: have a happy christmas. it's the end of the year. put the past behind and welcome the new year. ((:
i shall do the individual thank you-s when the end of the year is approaching. ((:

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Monday, December 17, 2007

oh baby, all i want for christmas is you...
christmas carols being played whole day long in shopping mall.
everywhere is well decorated.
i just love christmas.
this the season to be jolly. lalalalalala.
i've been christmas shopping lately.
but not done yet.
the other day i went out with my sister.
mango sales! it cannot be missed.
my sister bought a lot.
i bought a scarf and a top.
we ended up with a huge bag.
everybody was practically staring at us. like woah! buy so much ah.
i'm having terrible sleeping problems this holiday.
i only can sleep after 2am.
last wednesday. i didnt sleep at all.
i stayed up whole night and good thing i have a good novel with me.
i finished it. ((:
i went tuition the next morning without sleeping.
came home and i caught the flu bug.
i'm sick till today. tsktsktsk.
i wanna get well and start exercising.
if not when come school reopen.
the height and weight measurement is screwed.
good news. hady won asian idol ytd.
went to keppel ytd.
saw a cute guy in the gym lifting weight.
i was dressed damn unglamly. damn damn damn unglam.
i quickly showered and left the gym.
coincidentally. the cute guy and his family is leaving too.
his younger sister is hot.
heheh. i stand next to him in the lift. ((:
somehow i think he know i'm checking him out.
off to study at the library while waiting for my sister.
gave up and watched star awards instead.
then, we went grandparents' house for family reunion.
i got lots of presents.
auntie's house warming on my birthday.
hmmm..maybe it's a good thing.
celebrating birthday family style.
i need plans for my birthday. haiyoeh.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

if i were asked to conclude my whole holidays with one word.
that word would be: SLACK!
damn it. i slack like mad.
i didnt even start studying at the start of december.
empty promises.
i'm beginning to hate myself.
this is so not a typical capricorn( i just have a thing for horoscopes,okay).
i need to start.
even chicken rice have been studying.
the other day i went running with grace.
a mere 7 rounds gave me muscle aches.
die. my 2.4km die.
i shared my dream with grace.
it's a new interesting dream.
she cannot stop laughing. lols.
oh ya. the holidays make me put on weight like free.
the outing with khairul and grace.
the seoul garden experience is......
hmm.. how should i put it.
grossily fun?
the egg part is a fresh experience to me.
grace's soup egg. grosssssssss.
and she boiled egg. for once.
i'm stunned. shocked. speechless.
the ikea trip is so crazy.
i think the problem lies with the 2 anderson-ians?
khairul and i kept playing with the trolley.
seriously. i should own one trolley myself.
it's so much fun.
cam whoring with them is hyper insane.
and quite embarrassing.
i love ikea.
we watched enchanted.
nice. but it's a movie that i wont wna pay on a weekend.
grace oh, where are the pictures??
met up with joelyn.
finally she's back from holiday.
quite a torture to me.
cos she keep going shopping and shopping and indulging.
and i'm stuck at home. holiday-less.
we went shopping.
and did lots of walking.
the pumps i bought from haji lane.
argh. give me blisters!
my whole skin came out. pain.
i cant help but to keep swearing.
but the havaianas come in handy. thank you very much, joelyn!
walked alot and we both bought jeans.
damn. the lady altered it till quite short. :((
we ate so much ytd. terrible.
joelyn makes me wna own a calendar.
but it's of no use to me.
unless it's ____'s calendar. ((:
i need a 2008 organiser. i miss holy innocent one.
why jc dont have organisers?
somehow i have a bad thought.
and i dont think it's a good idea for me to blog this.
basically. i think birthdays are such a dread.
not that i dont like them.
i still like ppl to celebrate birthdays for me.
and i also like to celebrate ppl's birthday.
but.... the planning and all.
urgh. kinda mean to say so.
spare me when it comes to the details.
ya ya ya. heartless friend.
i dont know wht i want for my birthday.
somehow i dont care. terrible.
heck lars. i'm not looking forward to my birthday.
i fear aging.
i'm going to bed. ((:

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